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1. 3 Drawer Bedside
H: 550mm W: 380mm D: 320mm
2. Large 3 Drawer Bedside
H: 650mm W: 450mm D: 380mm
3. X-Large 3 Drawer Bedside
H: 650mm W: 550mm D: 400mm
4. 3 Drawer Chest
H: 800mm W: 750mm D: 400mm
5. 2 Over 3 Chest
H: 950mm W: 950mm D: 420mm
6. Jumbo 2 Over 3 Chest
H: 1200mm W: 1000mm D: 420mm
7. 4 Drawer Narrow Chest
H: 950mm W: 500mm D: 400mm
8. 6 Drawer Chest
H: 850mm W: 1300mm D: 420mm
9. Small Wall Mirror
H: 600mm W: 800mm D: 30mm
10. Dressing Table
H: 800mm W: 1000mm D: 420mm
11. Dressing Table Mirror
H: 600mm W: 500mm D: 120mm
12. Dressing Table Stool
H: 480mm W: 420mm D: 420mm
13. Blanket Box
H: 450mm W: 900mm D: 400mm
14. Full Hanging Wardrobe
H: 1850mm W: 900mm D: 560mm
15. 2 Large Door Wardrobe
H: 1950mm W: 1100mm D: 560mm
16. Large 3 Door Wardrobe
H: 1950mm W: 1450mm D: 560mm
17. Single Bedstead
H: 1100mm W: 1050mm D: 2040mm
18. Double Bedstead
H: 1100mm W: 1500mm D: 2040mm
19. Kingsize Bedstead
H: 1100mm W: 1650mm D: 2140mm