When John Tuton, the founder of Mammoth mattresses, found himself the unfortunate victim of an injury sustained whilst playing rugby, he put his medical background and expertise to good use and designed a high quality mattress aimed at offering the solution to his discomfort. Central to the Mammoth mattress is ‘High Specification Medical Grade Foam’, a product so renowned for its health boosting benefits that it is now endorsed by athletes from both the rugby and football communities. Mammoth combine research and science to target comfort. Their innovation, combined with technology, high spec materials and a keen attention to detail, make it little wonder that their mattresses are clinically proven to enhance sleep. If you are looking to upgrade your mattress from a traditional memory foam or pocket sprung option, Mammoth could well be the choice for you! Now in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients’ Association, Mammoth really are a superior choice for those seeking optimum levels of both sleep and comfort.
Mammoth Beds Shine Essential Beds Range
Mammoth Beds Shine Plus Beds Range
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